Here's a quick update to let y'all know about this recent email that effectively set my cockles aglow:

So after diving back into the Gregg Turner tome, I was inspired to not only dig out one of my favorite bits of ephemera but scan 'em for you. This shit makes me laugh every time I see it.

It turns out that this blog's über-fan was so moved by my recent GT Q&A that he felt compelled to rummage through the vastness of his archive and provide the following:

the seamlessness of the Kaczynski-ian packaging, the pithily articulated rebuke and, oh, yeah, they even included their demo! It's easy to see that the Angry Samoans are really deserving of their reputation as the definitive purveyors of music for jerks.

Special thanks to RR for his typical charity work. You can look forward to his 10 Question Q&A in the upcoming months.