Caravelles – Lovin’ Just My Style b/w Self Service (Onacrest, 1966)

Upper echelon 60’s fuzz from AZ and it’s easily one of the top records excavated from our Paleolithic period. A copper state treasure that’s no less noble and splendid than the Cactus Wren or Kangaroo Rat. Although they’re rumored to exist, I’ve never seen a stock copy of this 45 and I’m skeptical about there having been sufficient market demand. Dig the organ-pounding ode to Onan on the flip!



Lovin' Just My Style / Self Service


The Users – Kicks in Style b/w Dead on Arrival (Warped, 1978)

Second 45 by these deceptively American-sounding UK punkers who’re probably best remembered for their appearance on Killed by Death #1 and the fact that their debut single was the first release on the UK’s preeminent punk rock imprint: Raw Records. These brits certainly didn’t fall prey to the sophomore slump + they even managed to live up to the rep bestowed upon 'em by the press. Total Ig worship done right and the fact that this was accomplished by a bunch o’ limeys remains a perplexing occurrence indeed.

That’s all you get this time, pals! I’m really excited about next week’s entry and I can’t stay focused. Check back next Saturday for an extra-special installment!



Kicks in Style / Dead on Arrival


Fun 4 – Singing in the Showers + 2 EP (NMC, 1980)

The recent passing of 4/30 had me thinking about the punk rock paeans penned about this fussbudget and whether they might've been enough to assuage his worries as he tearfully buffed his jackboots in the bunker. Sure, you've got Adolph, You Beauty! or They Saved Hitler's Brain or They Saved Hitler's Cock, even, but don't you think that these unsavory panegyrics would've effectively harshed the mellow of the undisputed potentate of the master race? I'd reckon that the rapturous din of Singing in the Showers could've lightened the mood exponentially as it's way more Burning of the Reichstag than Beer Hall Putsch—plus, it’s got an updated Baader Meinhof playfulness that would’ve jibed splendidly with such a discriminating palate.

Inspired tastelessness like this is nothing short of wunderbar.

Unfortunately, the Fun 4 single, issued in a lone pressing of a thousand copies, fell on deaf ears despite the inclusion of worldbeating couplets like “Drunk and tired and they close the doors / There aint no drains on the shower floor” or “German showers aint no laugh / Let me out cuz I wanna have a bath.” Believe it. Recorded in the cavernous depths of a public lavatory, there’s nary a hint of the distinctive sheen of future popster, Steven Daly, who drummed on and financed this release in conjunction with the first Josef K single on Absolute. Although lacking the primitive thud of the title track, the other two songs on this single are surprisingly good + the demented picture sleeve rounds out the package perfectly.

These Glaswegian yucksters ended up dedicating this record to this guy, so there's really no doubting the unblemished purity of their motives.



Singing in the Showers
Elevator Crash / By-Products