You want an explanation for the lapse? OK. Let's chalk it up to me being preoccupied. The truth is that I've been way too busy hawking merchandise for ample scratch, trying hard not to think about music and thinking even less about this masturbatory li'l mile-marker. My stereo up and died somewhere in there, too—took me nearly ten months to bother replacing it. One could view that with a certain measure of sadness, I s'pose, but to me it was a welcome reprieve. Halting your ingestion of today's canned corn does wonders for the appetite.

Which, in its own circuitous way, brings me to the point of all this: some kind souls, identifying themselves only as C. Youth, took exception to my absence and mailed me a promo-pack. Yeah, admittedly, I was a little apprehensive...Catatonic Youth...what the fuck, right? Turns out that these gents have released a single that's actually worth hearing—a concept at odds with the flurry of telegraphed punchlines that're currently landing hip crit hype. It's a diminutive juggernaut w/ hooks, riffs, disaffected cool and pop smarts packed snug at max compression. A total knockout pick for '08.

Online misinformation only compounds the mystery. Wish I knew more...like who sold these clowns my address. Thanks again, fellas. 500 pressed, I think, so act fast!

More updates soon!