Fall-Outs - Here I Come EP (Regal Select, 1989)

Alright, I have no intention of spoiling you this week or bumping up my minimal level of productivity, so I’ll make this update brief:

Hyperkinetic four-track slab of slash’n’twang garage speed that ranks as some of the best music to travel across Puget Sound since the Sonics last trod its shores. There’s a punk-like propulsion, ample nods to mod/rhythmandbeat ala THEM or the Easybeats and even some clunky lyrics (Brothers) that straddle the incongruous line between PC sloganeering and an Aryan call to arms.

500 of these were pressed in 1989 and fifty of ‘em came in a handmade alternate sleeve. An extra-special round of applauds to TH from Fallout for hipping me this fact and to DOE and JL who hooked me up with one a few weeks later.



Here I Come / Brothers
Like Me / Selling Answers