Supercharger - Sooprize Package for Mr. Mineo b/w South City Psyco (Super*Teem, 1996)
Supercharger - Icepick b/w Want It Bad (Pre-BS, 1992)

Gather ‘round kids as I park it on the porch and wax nostalgic like a doddering ol’ feeb about those honest and true days of pre-pointundclick musical dissemination. Listen to me reminisce fondly about a time when my acquaintanceship with an ace cut like Sooprize Package for Mr. Mineo was only as an obscure cover on the MummiesFUCK CDs LP. Sure, I’d heard Supercharger’s second full-length, Goes Way Out, and was appropriately floored—who wouldn’t be? It was a towering achievement of distilled 50s ramalama, a Samoans-like appreciation of the absurd and a not-so-subtle finger-flip to any decent notion of proper fidelity. However, circa 1993, their first lp remained an almost unknown quantity outside of the bay area and Sooprize Package was a consequent loss.

A few years later, sensing the nation’s dire need to rock anew, Donny Denim responded like a reborn Springsteen and issued Sooprize Package as a 45 with the previously unreleased (and still unavailable elsewhere) South City Psyco (sic). It sold out almost immediately and I’d pretty much given up hope until I found a used copy at Rasputin’s during a record-buying expedition to SF in ’96. Adding further insult to injury, DD had also whipped up a handful of color copies (at work and on the company’s dime) that were handed out to a few friends when the single was initially made available. My pal, MP (forever immortalized as Johnny Pogo on the cover of the BrentwoodsFun in South City LP), was lucky enough to score a Christmas variant and forked it over years later with minimal cajoling. Another run with an alternate sleeve was issued about six months after the first.

As a token of my appreciation, gentle readers, I’ve also included the two tracks from their first 45 on Pre-BS. It’s easily one of the best records released during the 90s and I’m sure it’ll eventually enjoy the accolades afforded to similar discs.



Sooprize Package for Mr. Mineo / South City Psyco
Icepick / Want It Bad