Well, that concludes the unholy trinity of interviews which sprang up as a dawdling impulse and quickly metamorphosed into the most fun this blog has offered me thus far. I’d like to extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Ronn, Gregg and Mort for taking the time out and putting up with some sickeningly fanboy-ish adulation. The accomplishments and continued efforts of these three gentlemen are part of what makes living on this crumbling rock a justifiable endeavor. As a man far more eloquent than myself recently opined: The world needs more record-collecting milquetoasts and less yuppies, poseurs, thugs, militarists, politicians, massage therapists, and Trekkies. Amen!

I've got no real plans to feature more of these Q&A's anytime soon, but anyone with a superfluously geminated cognomen and an impeccable pedigree is invited to contact me for future consideration.